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M6/M8 G2 Lead Free Reflow Oven Solutions

M6/M8 G2 is a capable lead free CE certificated reflow oven with 6/8 upper & 6/8 bottom invidual hot air convection zones and 2 cooling zones with chiller, pin chain&mesh belt inline conveyor. with accurate and uniform temperature, it can keep pace with volume production.

● Touch screen and PLC controlling system.

● Upper 6/8 bottom 6/8 individual zones hot air convection.

● Stainless steel mesh belt and chain conveyor.

● conveyor with SMEMA.

● Brand electrical component with CE certificated.

● Max 450mm PCB width capable.

● Heating tunnel: M6/1938mm M8/2673mm.

● Overall length: M6/3571mm M8/4600mm.

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