High Quality and Reliable Lead-Free Reflow Oven !!!

We know good about “E-THERM”!!!

Till now, 500+ E-therm reflow oven has been installed worldwidely!

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Latest HF series lead free reflow oven series

Most stable series reflow oven

  • stable process for lead free application.
  • modular system concept design.
  • efficient heat transfer and energy saving.
  • good Delta T in tunnel.
  • inbuilt flux residue management.
  • low O2 ppm in tunnel.
  • excellent traceability system.
  • best cooling system.
  • various conveyor options.
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Hot air Convection

Separately adjustable heating zones. High repetition accuracy temperature profile.Uniform heating on surface of PCB due to hole pattern nozzles design.

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  • Linear Profile

    With a linear profile, the component is not heated in a stepped manner during soldering, in fact it is heated along ...

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